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A.R.E. Greater Boston Area

Two regional newsletters currently come from our area. Others are available from the A.R.E. headquarters and other sources.

  The Seventh Cycle Newsletter

Stories & articles needed

Whether short or long, we welcome your Cayce-related articles! Topics could include dreams, health, angels, recipies, humor, etc.! Please click here for details.

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The Seventh Cycle
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The Greater Boston region newsletter, The Seventh Cycle, is published quarterly at a subscription price of $7 per year, including postage. Sign up and receive information about:

  • Local events and workshops
  • Feature articles written by members
  • Study groups
  • Health and wellness tips that emphasize holistic healing
  • Practical applications and testimonies from the Edgar Cayce readings
  • And more

A.R.E. Northeast Spirit
To subscribe to the newsletter for the entire New England region, A.R.E. Northeast Spirit, please see this page on the A.R.E. Northeast website.

Other Newsletters and Books

  • Ancient Mysteries, Personal Spirituality, and True Health Newsletters
    Sign up for a yearly A.R.E. membership and receive a free subscription to Venture Inward magazine, your choice of a monthly newsletter (Personal Spirituality, True Health, or Ancient Mysteries), online access to all the Edgar Cayce readings, book discounts, and more. For membership info, see this page on EdgarCayce.org.
  • Living in the Light Newsletter
    Popular writer John Van Auken offers his monthly Living in the Light newsletter for $24 per year. Click here for more info about it on John’s website.
  • A.R.E. Bookstore
    Members receive a 20% discount on A.R.E. published books. (Membership | A.R.E. bookstore)
  • Circulating Files
    Circulating files are collections of verbatim Edgar Cayce readings and/or extracts carefully selected and arranged by topic. Copies are available for purchase from the Edgar Cayce Library in Virginia Beach, VA. Members save 50% off of select files. Click here for info on EdgarCayce.org.

Membership details can be found here.

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