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Malcolm Smith Healer
A.R.E. Greater Boston Area

  Malcolm Smith, Healer

Healing Sessions
Private sessions in Braintree, MA. Call Aantre (“on-tray”) Kennedy for dates and times: 1-781-848-8860.

To make an appointment call Aantre at 1-781-848-8860. Please sign up as soon as you can; spaces are quickly filled.

Private sessions last 30 minutes and are held in a Braintree/Quincy area home. Call for pricing. Remote healing sessions also available, as are healing cloths.

We sometimes list dates on our blog: QuincyARE.blogspot.com

For more information see MalcolmSmithHealer.com and a video interview.

Malcolm Smith is an internationally known healer from Yorkshire, England. Malcolm, a former coal miner, considers himself to be an ordinary person with an extraordinary gift—the ability to be a channel for healing energy from God. He says, “It is God who does the healing, not me.”

For more than 25 years Malcolm has worked with thousands of people, to tremendous success, including the restoration of sight and hearing and the curing of “incurable” diseases, including cancer and epilepsy. He has often given great relief from pain and suffering and sometimes the healings that come through him result in instant cures. More often though, several sessions over a period of time are required for results to manifest physically. He emphasizes that slow progress is the norm and spiritual healing should not replace orthodox medical treatment.

According to Malcolm, the primary purpose of Spiritual Healing is to stir the soul. Unless the soul is touched, any physical healing will only be temporary. Thus his goal is to awaken your spirit so that you may soar in your life. Malcolm believes that the healing energy is directed by angels and spirit doctors.

He works with all areas of the body, mind, and spirit. an awareness must arise within the one receiving the energy to develop a new code of moral and spiritual values to replace those which have them “bogged down” in material cares and woes. Spiritual healing is a process and continues through time. As spiritual connection becomes more conscious and cultivated, inevitably the cares, worries, fears, and diseases that trouble the body lessen and fade until they are gone.

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