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Study Groups
A.R.E. Greater Boston Area

“Study groups are a most important avenue... for testing and discussing the ideas in the Edgar Cayce readings.”

—Charles Thomas Cayce

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A Search for God, Books I & II
“There is nothing new here. The search for God is as old as man. This book is passed on in the hope that through it, during the trying times ahead, many may glimpse a ray of light; that in other hearts it may awaken a new hope and vision of a better world through application of His laws in daily life.”
A Search for God, Book 1

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In September 1931 a group of ordinary people met with Edgar Cayce. Although the meeting had been called so that each of them could work more personally with Cayce’s psychic information, none of them imagined the impact that meeting and subsequent gatherings would have upon the rest of their lives. For the result was a book called Search for God, Book I and, later, Book II. These books are the basis for Search for God study groups that continue meeting today, worldwide.

The books contain 12 lessons on spiritual and personal growth. The lessons are ecumenical in nature, and tolerant of all religions.

At least one group in the Boston area has met weekly for over 30 years. Other gather monthly. Study groups are your personal venture inward, enabling you to:

  • Work with Spirit
  • Explore your intuition in a safe way
  • Practice listening “soul to soul”
  • Remember to love and appreciate every moment in your life
  • Spend time with like-minded people

Curious to know more? Please ask by contacting us—we’d love to hear from you. Click here for a list of contacts. Or call Patty McCarthy at 781-878-1974. She’s our local group coordinator.

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