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A.R.E. Greater Boston Area

Do you have an interest in the Cayce material? Would you like to make it more a part of your daily life? Would you enjoy being with others of similar interest? If so, we warmly invite you to visit or join an A.R.E. study group. (If contacting by email, please include “A.R.E.” in the subject line.)


Worldwide A.R.E. Study Groups
Tel: 1-877-428-2734

All New England regions
Starting your own group and general inquiries
Patty McCarthy
Study Group Coordinator
Tel: 1-781-878-1974

Duxbury, MA
Meets 1 Sunday a month
Topic: Search for God books and related material
Host: Elaine Guilfoyle
Tel: 1-781-934-9648

Lexington, MA
Meets mornings
Topic: Search for God books and related material
Host: Kathie Eldridge
Tel: 1-617-876-2710
Meeting Location: Library

Plymouth, MA
Meets mornings
Topic: Search for God books

Host: Betty Pleiss
Phone: 1-508-673-0477
Email: bettyp508@aol.com

Quincy, MA
Meets Mondays @ 7:30 pm
Topic: Search for God books and related material
Host: Aantre Kennedy
Tel: 1-781-848-8860
Meeting Location: First Spiritualist Church of Quincy (website | Google map)

Salem, MA
Meets weekly
Topic: Search for God books and Dreams on alternating weeks

Host: Melanie McDonald
Tel: 1-978-745-9019
Email: weeartie@yahoo.com

North Easton, MA
Meets: Mondays
Topic: Mutual interest, Edgar Cayce and paralled material

Host: Robert Strelke
Tel: 1-508-238-0496

South Dennis, MA
Meets 1st and 3rd Mondays @ 7 pm
Host: Beth Rosenberg
Tel: 1-508-385-8495
Email: bethrosenb@gmail.com

Weymouth, MA
This 35-year old group now meets in Quincy

Worcester, MA
Meets Wednesdays @ 7:00-8:30 pm
Host: Susan Gale
Tel: 1-508-892-8928
Email: apolfriends@earthlink.net
Meeting location: A Place of Light (website | Google map)

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